Elken MRT

The 21st century – it marks remarkable milestones in technological progress, yet it also marks an era when potent strains of viruses, modern diseases and epidemics spread waves of panic on a global scale.

Adding to that, the six problems of the modern age, namely air pollution, water contamination, daily stress, a lack of exercise, erratic lifestyles and an unbalanced diet further act on our semi-healthy condition, weakening its natural healing ability.

With an understanding of modern needs, ELKEN’s approach to optimal health, through a four-step process based on Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) concept, is now acknowledged as one of the most acceptable therapy concept for modern living.

A brainchild of the U.S. Congress’s Special Committee of Nutrient Investigation (SCNI) established in 1975, the MRT concept was first introduced through a 5,000-page report titled Elements Required by Human and Nutrients fronted by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling after an in-depth study on nutrition.
Also known as the Cell Reform Therapy, the MRT advocates that the human body will not fall sick as long as the body cells are receiving balanced nutrients regularly – free from metabolic abnormalities at cellular level. Accordingly, The ELKEN MRT emphasises on feeding the body with four life-supporting elements to achieve optimal health.

Step 1- Balanced Nutrition
Step 2-Increasing Oxygen Intake
Step 3-Detoxification
Step 4-Health Regulation
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